I Want to Fuck My Boyfriend’s Best Friend So Badly

I never considered or thought about cheating before all of this. I have ALWAYS been dirty minded, but still I always considered myself a faithful girlfriend despite all kinds of kinks.

I’ve always wanted to take part in a threesome. A while back, I mentioned to my sexually open minded boyfriend that it would be hot if he and his best friend shared me. He agreed with me about the hotness of it. We started talking about it and eventually fantasizing about it in the bedroom together. I had a tiny, little buttplug (nothing special) that I used while my boyfriend fucked me or fingered me, while I thought about he and his best friend drilling my tiny, tight holes. It got so hot that my boyfriend started coming up with scenarios on how it would happen, and he even wrote short sex stories about It and read them to me!!!

It even got so hot that my boyfriend showed his best friend dirty pictures of me. Topless pics, pictures of my pussy, pics of me sucking his (my boyfriend’s dick) and all. When my boyfriend told me that his best friend said he’d fuck the shit out of me, my pussy began to throb so fucking hard just thinking about his best friend! I still thought about the fantasy, but I was even more turned on at this point!

His best friend is a big, strong coal miner with broad shoulders and sexy ass hands!! I’m a sucker for classically masculine men with body hair and callouses on their hands….. yeah, that’s his best friend (although my boyfriend is extremely masculine too, to be honest! That’s why I’m with him!). He just has this masculine aura about him. He’s so smooth and confident and charming.

My boyfriend planted the idea to cheat in my brain, however. He started talking about a fantasy where he’d be in the other room, and his best friend and I would be alone together while his best friend would start making moves on me. That I’d resist and try my best to be a faithful girlfriend, but because I love cock so much, I’d give up my body to him, while my boyfriend would find us and join in!

But over time, I started to ignore the threesome fantasy and I started fantasizing about cheating on my boyfriend by being seduced by his best friend.

I got dangerously close to going over to his best friend’s house a while back, because he started dating a girl that I’m not a fan of at all. I seriously considered going over and throwing myself on him, so we could both cheat, but I didn’t. I was jealous that he started dating that girl, but I didn’t do anything about it.

I would fuck him in a heartbeat if he tried to seduce me. I’d probably play a little tough to get, since I want to keep up the image in real life that I’m a loyal, faithful girlfriend, but… eventually – inevitably – my boyfriend’s best friend’s penis would find its way into my mouth one way or another and soon enough my creamy pussy juices would be gracing his cock.

Gaah! I want my boyfriend’s best friend to fuck the shit out of me so badly! This is just a primal desire. My aching, little pussy wants it. I can’t help it! I’m just so turned on by the thought of it!


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